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OTTS is a business management consulting company that specializes in providing innovation in supporting companies thus eliminating blind spots hindering their company operations. We are outfitted to enhance your critical decisions that will strengthen operational excellence across the company’s entire organization.

At A Quick Glance

We oversee, transform, and drive the execution (lead or in a supportive role) in optimizing business functions across a company’s entire organization by identifying and implementing cost-efficient supply chain solutions for both global and domestic footprints. These solutions will maximize productivity that reduces operating costs and will empower your global business connections. Read more

Our Mission

At OTTS our mission is to take the lead and set the global standard for business management companies by offering it's customers high quality, exceptional value and workable solutions to their complex challenges. In this way, our customers can be more streamlined and better equipped to operate more efficiently in their highly intensive competitive sales markets, resulting in providing quality and service to their customers.


Operations,Transformation & Transition Specialist

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