President (Mark Shaw)

Mark Shaw is the president and Senior Executive Business Manager Consultant, at Operations Transformation & Transition Specialists, LLC. He is credited with overseeing, transforming and driving the optimization of business functions in multiple companies by identifying and implementing cost-efficient value chain solutions for both U.S. domestic and global customers.

Shaw began serving the company in May 2009 after assuming an Executive position. Prior to that, he worked with a number of companies like Adam Nutrition, Herbalife International, Bobcat Company, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Gum Company, Heinz Pet Food Company, Fleischmann's Yeast, GE Capital Mortgage and Ralston Purina.

Shaw is known for being a field general executive. One minute you can find him on a manufacturing floor, in an IT/ERP development group or in a distribution center leading and communicating to the staff; Going over the metrics and applying solutions to close the gaps in the company’s value chain. Then next hour you can see Shaw in a boardroom addressing the C-level executives, explaining to them safety highlights, strategy, execution, delivery, and results. Going over the KPI’s on the execution, highlighting potential risks, and discussing a plan that will eliminate those risks. You would find him closing the meeting with a presentation showing the results in detail on cost reductions and operation efficiencies the transformation/transition has achieved and projections on what the leadership can expect over the next 3, 6, 12 and 24 months.

KPI’s Results versus Plan are shown by Month to Date, Quarter to Date, Year to Date.

This type of leadership maximizes productivity, reduces operating costs and empowers global business connections. He accomplishes this through his in-depth knowledge in sourcing strategies, production planning, distribution and manufacturing operations. Shaw’s approach is combined with a strong ability to track and eliminate blind spots, strengthen supplier relations, improve contract negotiations, and fortify the information systems infrastructure. He is a systematic leader and reliable mentor with a track record of success in building superior operational teams and directing key operational projects from original concept to successful completion.

Executive Business Manager

Shaw has a unique business methodology, that covers a company’s entire value chain.

  1. Systems Evaluation (ERP, CRM and Supply Chain Management Software Packages)

  2. Process Evaluation (Operations, Sourcing, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Quality, Supply Chain and Finance)

  3. Organizational Evaluation
    A.Leadership: The vision and direction and their ability to influence their management staff. B. Management Staff: executing to the vision, their ability to do critical decision-making and provide direction and managing their teams. C.Staff members: their understating of their roles and the knowledge they have on the business processes along with their total understanding of their company's value chain.

After conducting these three evaluations, he forms his KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on the gaps in the three processes listed with an action plan to close those gaps.

Final Thoughts:

Shaw’s extensive experience in facilitating strict adherence to quality and regulatory criteria will unquestionably prove to be an immediate asset to your company’s organization. To complement these qualifications, Shaw offers an excellent blend of operations leadership, negotiating, influencing, financial, and forecasting skills, which are vital as a mentor to your company’s management and staff that will have lasting benefits on your organization for a long time.


Operations,Transformation & Transition Specialist

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