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Posted on: 23rd Jun 2015
Posted by: OTTS- Ops Team
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Job Interview Prep/ Resume Consultation Services

A job interview is considered as the starting point of your career. It can be an enjoyable experience or a really nerve wracking one depending on the strategy you apply and how prepared you are. Being able to conduct yourself politely and with professionalism is rudimentary to giving a great job interview, and leaving a last impression on your interviewer. Most employers want to see how confident you are during your interview, and how well you know yourself. Your ability to properly answer the questions asked by the interviewer will demonstrate your positive attitude, your qualifications, and your knowledge about the specific field.

Expert guidance for your next interview

Mark Shaw, President of OTTS, can offer his expertise in the field of giving interviews for a job. He is a skilled professional in total Business Operations, and has had the opportunity to work with several professionals who hold high-level positions in reputed companies. He has worked with Chief Operating Officers, Vice Presidents, Quality Leaders, Distribution and Inventory Managers and HR Managers. Having worked with such professionals, Mark has gained an abundance of valuable insight into the job market, and about the qualities that interviewers look for in a potential employee.

You will receive help with your resume during your consultation, and he will also inform you of the types of questions the interviewer might ask, so you can prepare your answers accordingly. You will be given advice on how to present yourself during the interview, and how to conduct an initial research about the company to get to know them better. Mark will also take the time to address any questions you might have during the consultation session.

Consult Mark Shaw

As a company providing job interview consultation services, OTTS has seen immense success. If you wish to crack the next interview for your dream job, this is the right time to take advantage of Mark's consultation services. Look to Mark Shaw for expert advice instead of seeking help from job counselors and recruiters.

Mark can share his experiences, and provide guidance to you regardless of the type of position and company your are being interviewed for. He often gives consultation sessions to clients who are appearing for their second or third round of interview, as this interview is significant in determining whether the interviewee will be hired or not. Some of his clients also hire his services for their very first interview, to improve their chances of making the cut.

Consultation packages

Mark offers three separate consultation packages for different prices.

  • Staff position interviews: $75.00 for one session before the interview
  • Director/Management position interviews: $100.00 for one session before the interview
  • Vice President to C-Level position interviews: $150.00 for one session before the interview
  • U.S. Veterans will get a discount

Contact Mark Shaw, OTTS

Get in touch with Mark Shaw for expert and professional guidance, and stop worrying about your upcoming interview. Book a consultation session, and be sure to include a short job description of the job you are being interviewed for, along with the details of the person you will be meeting or talking to (if the interview is being held over the telephone).

OTTS also offers resumes consultation

If you want to see if your resume is up to speed for the positions you are applying for, feel free to reach out to the professionals at OTTS to get your resume reviewed by experts who are working in the field.

To have your resume reviewed the prices range from $50 to $150 per resume.

Call now and take your first step towards success. If you like, you may go to the "Contact Us" menu webpage and send us a note on what you need support with, be it preparation for an upcoming interview or you would like your resume to be reviewed or both. Mark Shaw will be sure to respond to you within 24 hours. If you need a quicker response please feel free to call the toll free.

On Job Coaching/Interview Consultation (How to get started)

Send a note

  1. Company that you’re interviewing with
  2. Position you’re interviewing for
  3. Your resume that you sent to the company
  4. Number of interviews you have had so for with this company for the same position (Will the next interview be the one that determines if you get hired)
  5. Job description (if the company sent you one)
  6. The people and their titles who will be interviewing you
  7. What has the company you're applying at advised you about the position you're trying to secure
  8. Best times for us at OTTS to get a hold of you
  9. A contact number.

The consultation usually lasts about 1 hour in some cases it could go longer (At no extra charge). After the coaching session you, will receive notes from the consultation for you to keep.

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