Happy New Year & (Recap 2015)

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Posted on: 6th Jan 2016
Posted by: OTTS- Ops Team
Tags: Leadership Cost Customer Service Competitive Supply Chain

2015 Recap

Two thousand fifteen was another strong year for OTTS. The firm’s success came from helping companies reduce their operating costs, creating excellent management tools, and strengthening our clients’ talent bases.

OTTS was also responsible for reworking its clients’ IT infrastructures after failed ERP, WMS, and or TMS implementation attempts by third-party vendors. Our consultants greatly improved how managers led their teams. We showed company’s leadership how to turn average or marginal managers into superstar leaders. With the use of accurate data and effective communication methods, OTTS showed how to drive home better results.

Looking Ahead

In February of 2016, OTTS, LLC, will change its name to OTTS, Inc. During this month, the website’s membership section will be actively up and running. It will allow professionals to search for their dream jobs and companies to find the most talented professionals.

Presently, OTTS is receiving between 10 and 12 new contacts daily, companies searching for program and project managers, and WMS, and TMS professionals. We receive approximately six contacts each day for supply chain professionals in the areas of:

• Distribution

• Supply Chain Planning

• Inventory Control

• Plant Management

In addition, the office receives several contacts each month from companies seeking senior-level professionals.

Also in 2016, OTTS will increase its marketing efforts to focus in on companies in need of great decision makers, professionals who can strengthen their companies’ value chains, and leaders who can provide guidance and direction after unsuccessful IT implementations (ERP, WMS, TMS). OTTS, will laser focus on companies, whose leadership could benefit from hiring OTTS, on learning the best way to reduce their operating costs and, hence, drive up company profits, especially in intensive competitive global markets.

Here’s to a great year!

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